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10 Common Mistakes that Kill White Paper ROI

How to Avoid Them and Generate More Leads

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you easily avoid all ten mistakes!

Recent studies by TechTarget™, KnowledgeStorm™, MarketingSherpa™ and Eccolo Media™ have unanimously rated white papers as the #1 marketing tool for influencing technology buyers.

But technology marketers often fail to get the results they desire from white paper campaigns.

In fact, a recent survey of over 500 technology companies found that over 83% of those offering white papers were making four or more of ten deadly mistakes that can destroy a white paper’s effectiveness.

Our new report details how to avoid all ten of those fatal white paper errors.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • The five most common causes of tech buyer disappointment in white papers (page 3)
  • The one thing you must leave out of your white paper’s title… if you want to increase downloads by 50 to 100 percent (page 3)
  • The single worst mistake you can make in a white paper (page 5)
  • Three reasons why asking an SME to write a white paper is usually a big mistake (page 8)
  • Two white paper formats you must avoid… and how to layout a white paper for maximum readership (page 10)
  • How “splitting your prospects in two” will boost response to your white paper (page 15)
  • A simple two-step process for using white papers to quickly build your brand and forge your relationship with new prospects (page 17)
  • An easy registration page trick that can increase your conversion rate by 11.7% to 34% and reduce cost per lead by 10.6% to 25.4% (page 19)
  • What 74% of technology buyers want to see before they decide to register for your white paper (page 20)
  • A surefire method for increasing your white paper’s perceived value (page 22)
  • And many more tips and techniques for avoiding all 10 fatal errors, which will give you a huge advantage over your competitors…
    (of whom only 3.47% were judged to be offering effective white papers).

(of whom only 3.47% were judged to be offering effective white papers).