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9 Essential Truths You Must Keep in Mind When Marketing to Engineers

Marketing to engineers is an enormous challenge.

In fact, in a recent survey, 62 percent of technology marketers said the biggest challenge they face is creating engaging content for engineers.

Let’s face it, engineers are a tough audience. They’re skeptical. They don’t react to marketing the way other business audiences do.

They’re also key influencers in most business technology purchasing decisions. So as a B2B tech marketer, you need to market to engineers effectively. You have to know how to reach them with marketing tailored to their needs and perspective.

That’s why CopyEngineer has published a new white paper called 9 Essential Truths You Must Keep in Mind When Marketing to Engineers. In it, I’ve gathered results from several recent studies along with opinions from leading tech marketing experts, and I’ve distilled them into a guide using my own experience as both engineer and marketer.

The result is a handy framework and checklist for designing content and campaigns aimed at an engineering audience. And it’s yours for the asking. Click the button below to request your free copy.

Technologies change rapidly. So when it comes to purchasing industrial tech, business decision makers rely heavily on their engineers.

Management routinely calls upon engineering to:

  • Identify and evaluate new technology for purchase
  • Perform due diligence on proposed technical solutions
  • Identify potential technical issues
  • Identify means of mitigating risks
  • Assure management that they are taking the right step

That means you need to reach those engineers just as effectively and you do decision makers.

Marketing to engineers, however, is far different than marketing to executives. Contrary to popular belief, engineers don’t hate marketing, but it’s important to know:

  • How engineers view and filter marketing
  • Which marketing tactics work with engineers… and which don’t
  • What engineers want from marketing

That’s where my new white paper can help.

9 Essential Truths You Must Keep in Mind When Marketing to Engineers boils down an enormous pile of intelligence and insight—some of which will likely surprise you—collected from leading experts and several recent studies. It encapsulates this knowledge into nine ‘rules’ you can easily apply in all your marketing aimed this highly technical audience.

While it’s never too late to start, the longer you wait to start applying these nine essential truths, the more customers you risk losing to your competition.

So why wait?

When you read 9 Essential Truths You Must Keep in Mind When Marketing to Engineers, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of:

  • How engineers react to marketing content
  • What engineers want from marketing content
  • How to give them what they want
  • The best methods for overcoming an engineer’s natural skepticism

You’ll also learn:

  • The type of marketing that works best for reaching engineers and gaining their trust (ET #1)
  • How top-performing tech marketers spend differently than those who lag behind (ET #1)
  • The three top challenges of marketing to engineers and how top marketers overcome them (ET #1)
  • Why the belief that engineers hate marketing is a myth (ET #1)
  • The thing engineers really hate about marketing…and how to avoid it (ET #2)
  • The primary emotion that drives engineers in making purchase decisions and recommendations (ET #3)
  • The best way for a marketer to gain an engineer’s trust (ET #3)
  • The thing engineers want most from marketing content (ET #4)
  • The most influential type of marketing content among engineers (ET #4)
  • The common ingredient in the marketing content engineers find most valuable (ET #5)
  • The information source engineers trust most (ET #6)
  • How to make your marketing content more trustworthy to engineers (ET #6)
  • Engineers’ most preferred means for obtaining information (ET #7)
  • How engineers treat email, and the best way to be “filter-resistant” (ET #7)
  • The type of content that works best when engineers are evaluating solutions (ET #8)
  • A tip for making marketing content more “engineer-friendly” (ET #9)
  • 9 types of illustrations that make a good impression on engineers (ET #9)
  • The type of images than can sabotage efforts to build trust with engineers (ET #9)

You can have all this useful information for free. All you need to do is click the button below and request your free copy.Who is CopyEngineer? Why should you believe me?

I’ve been creating effective marketing content for B2B tech companies for the last 12 years. Before that, I worked for over 20 years as an avionic systems engineer. I’ve designed and verified system operation and managed projects on number of aerospace programs, most notably the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

My clients hire me because I’m able to communicate easily with their engineering SMEs, quickly gain a strong understanding of their complex technologies, and translate those into business benefits that are meaningful to business decision makers.

They also hire me because I understand the needs, fears and desires—and yes, also the prejudices—of an engineering audience.

“John Cole is one of the few copywriters who combines both a deep technical background with a complete understanding of the customer acquisition benefits of well written white papers, technical briefs and case studies.”

– Steve Grady, Chief Marketing Officer, Unify CRM

That’s why I put this white paper together. I feel I bring a unique perspective. I’ve viewed technology marketing and marketing content from both sides of the table—not just as a producer, but also as a consumer. I was part of your target audience for nearly two decades.

Most technology marketers understand marketing to engineers is different. I find, however, that most of them—or at least their writers—aren’t comfortable dealing with an engineering audience. They often lack a strong set of rules or guidelines for addressing that audience.

That’s where 9 Essential Truths You Must Keep in Mind When Marketing to Engineers comes in. Click on the blue button and request your free copy now.