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B2B Copywriting and
Content Writing Services

As a technology copywriting specialist, CopyEngineer’s B2B copywriting services are focused on providing the two things technology marketers need most from a professional copywriter: engaging informational content and effective lead generation campaigns.

My specialties include white paperscase studies and other types of content technology buyers crave, as well as direct response campaigns and other promotional content designed to get that content into the hands of qualified prospects.

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Seven Benefits You Can Expect from CopyEngineer:

More sales leads...

Because I create the type of well-written informational content technology buyers crave, and effective direct-response campaigns that get those buyers to register for that content.

Higher lead quality...

Because I accurately target the content and campaigns I write to the needs, fears and desires of a precisely defined target audience.

Shorter development and review cycles...

Because I work with you, and your sales and engineering teams, to account for the concerns of the entire review committee… in the first draft.

Shorter sales cycles...

Because I address the bottom-line concerns of business decision makers, as well as the problems faced by engineers.

Better alignment with sales...

Because the precision-targeted informational pieces I craft for your lead-generation campaigns are exactly the same materials your sales team wants and needs to help them move customers down the funnel.

Your marketing budget goes farther...

Because well-written content can be effectively re-used in a variety of forms, at a fraction of the cost of developing new materials.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed...

Because if you’re not satisfied with anything I’ve written for you, for any reason, I’ll correct it or re-write it… at no additional cost.

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