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Case Study writing services

There’s no better tool for building credibility for your marketing claims than the customer “success story,” or case study.

But case studies will only help you if your prospects read them. And prospects will only read case studies that are engaging and well written. The form looks simple, but case studies are not easy to write well. You need a skilled interviewer and storyteller to bring them to life.

Rapid turnaround and quick customer approval

CopyEngineer has experience with the entire case study development process. Using principles and techniques learned from case study masters like Casey Hibbard, Steve Slaunwhite and Ed Gandia, I can rapidly turn your customer’s success into a quick, compelling read that will stand out from the crowd, and grab the attention of your prospects.

Your case study will gain quick customer approval. Not only because I strive to put your customer in the best possible light, but because I use certain “secret ingredients” for case study success that many copywriters leave out. Plus, if there’s anything the customer doesn’t like, I’ll correct it. And all revisions are free of charge.

“It’s great working with John since he has a good understanding of the aerospace industry and makes case studies interesting. I just give him the background information and contacts and he does the rest. The results are just what I need.”

Karl Sweers
Technical Marketing Mgr.
DIT-MCO International

How my case study writing services work

Call me to discuss the customer success story you want to document, and I’ll follow up with a free, no-obligation quote on the project. Then I’ll contact your customer and your sales manager in charge of the account to set up interviews, and study any available information on the product or service involved.

I like to interview the account salesperson to get the “back story” on the project before interviewing the customer. This helps to improve the customer interview by making my questions more insightful and probing.

After I’ve completed my interviews and compiled my notes, I’ll draw up a detailed outline or “story board” for the case study and submit it for your approval. This lets you review my concept and request changes on anything you’re not happy with – so we’re both comfortable with the direction I’m taking – before I start writing.

Once I have your approval on my story board, it’s all on me for a while. I may contact your customer or sales manager for small clarifications, but mostly, I’ll be writing and editing. I’ll deliver my polished draft by our deadline, with suggestions for illustrations included.

Then it’s your turn. You review my draft and note any changes you want made. I promptly make any revisions you request, according to your instructions, at no additional charge. I’ll also make any revisions requested by your customer, to help you gain their approval of the finished piece.

Case study combination packages

Well-written case studies get high readership, because they show your prospects how other customers have achieved success with your products. And since everyone loves a good story, case studies also among the most reusable forms of marketing content. So why not consider bundling your case study purchase with other CopyEngineer services, like:

  • A series of blog posts or short newsletter articles, each focused on one aspect of the story, which encourage readers to download the case study.
  • A condensed version, suitable for publication as a trade journal article.
  • A press release to publicize the publication of your new case study.
  • A video script, to create a video version of your customer success story.
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