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Copywriting for b2b lead generation campaigns

Campaigns that convert a steady stream of quality leads is what sales and management want most from marketing. So as a B2B marketing professional, your career depends on the effectiveness of your lead generation campaigns.

My Precision-Targeted Marketing™ system makes sure you hit your target audience right where they live. Using proven direct response techniques and over 25 years of tech industry experience, I persuade technology buyers to raise their hands and say, “Yes, tell me more…” so you can capture their contact information and market to them on an on-going basis.

A lead-generation campaign I created for a services firm – targeting technology companies exclusively – for example, garnered a healthy 6% response rate.

Contact me before your next lead generation campaign calling for:

  • Direct mail
  • Online sales letters
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Banner & PPC ads
  • Landing pages
  • Print advertising
  • Space ads
  • Advertorials

Lead generation campaigns offering premium content

And don’t forget, one of the best ways to generate leads among technology buyers is with campaigns offering high-quality problem-solving information. White papers, special reports, how-to guides and other premium content make very attractive, high-converting offers in the technology space. They also position your company as a thought leader.

CopyEngineer specializes in lead generation campaigns offering premium content. Consider combining your lead generation campaign writing order with a white paper or a similar content offer to increase conversion rates and raise campaign ROI.

For more information on CopyEngineer’s premium content development services, visit my white paper writing services page.

To view samples of my work, visit my Portfolio page.

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