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White Paper writing services

Studies have shown white papers to be the most influential, most shared, and one of the most heavily consumed forms of marketing content among technology buyers.1

Technology vendors often struggle to produce effective white papers in a timely manner, but I can put an end to those struggles for you. I’ve written highly successful white papers and white paper promotional campaigns for a number of technology companies. I use proven processes, formulas and techniques – learned directly from such well-known white paper experts as Michael Stelzner, Gordon Graham and Jonathan Kantor – that ensure your white paper will appeal to your target audience and spur them into action.

A turn-key white paper writing solution

Plus, I handle everything: from setting up and conducting interviews with your SMEs, to research of supporting facts, to writing, editing and proofreading. So you can relax and get on with other work, knowing your white paper will be delivered on time.

“An example of his skills is an executive briefing John created for us. I sent him a presentation that he turned into a masterful white paper. This executive briefing has been well received by management at several of our customers, which in turn has accelerated design wins.”

Steve Grady
VP Marketing
Cymbet Corporation

White paper combination packages

If you intend to promote your new white paper to generate leads, consider combining your purchase with a website landing page to attract more sign-ups. You may also want to add emails, blog posts or a direct mail package designed to drive traffic to that landing page.

For more information on these additional services, see my lead generation campaign services page.

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Not sure what to look for in a white paper writer? Read this CopyEngineer “What to Look For” Guide: 7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a White Paper Writer.

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