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The Key Message Copy Platform

by | Apr 14, 2015 | B2B Copywriting, Collateral, Online Mktg. and Copywriting, Content Marketing | 0 comments

message_in_bottleSometimes you just need all new messaging.

Maybe you’re launching a new product – or a new start-up – for which no messaging exists. You’re starting from scratch.

Maybe you’re a small company with a small marketing budget. You know you need a lot more content, but you don’t have the resources to outsource it all.

Or perhaps your existing messaging is vague, dry or confusing. It needs a refresh… maybe a complete overhaul.

In any case, your new messaging needs to be consistent and effective. That means you need a plan.

Because, as Alan Lakein said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

A platform for effective messaging

When I say plan in this case, I’m not talking about a marketing plan. I’m talking about a messaging plan. Better yet, a messaging platform. Specifically, a Key Message Copy Platform.

Conceived by B2B copywriter Casey Demchak, a Key Message Copy Platform (KMCP) is a single-document repository for all the key messages you intend to use to promote a product, service or company.

A KMCP usually begins with some reference statements – target market description, copy voice description, product positioning statement, value proposition statement, etc – for internal use. But the bulk of a Key Message Copy Platform consists of professionally written, management-approved “building blocks” of copy that can be used as needed to quickly create practically any promotional piece you might need.

These ready-made, reusable messages can include:

  • Product descriptions
  • How-it-works descriptions
  • Market research facts and figures
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) messages
  • Human value messages
  • Feature benefit statements
  • Statements designed to overcome objections
  • Testimonials

and more.

It’s a good idea to include sample headlines with your messaging statements, as well. These will give your writers a supply they can draw from to create headlines and subheads that will catch prospects’ eyes as they scan your content or promotion.

You may also want to include company or product tag lines and/or sample call-to-action lines. It all depends on what you feel you need for your specific situation.

Benefits of a Key Message Copy Platform

Your Key Message Copy Platform serves as a handy reference guide for all your marketing staff and any outside writing help you may hire. It’s also a springboard for all your content and campaigns. Used as such, your Key Message Copy Platform provides a number of important benefits:

A unified campaign battle plan

“Every marketing battle is won before it is fought,” says Demchak. With all your key messaging already in place – in one place – you have a solid plan and foundation that everyone on your team can build from. You’ll all be pulling together – in the same direction.

Plus, when crunch time comes – with your product launch deadline fast approaching – you’re far more likely to succeed if you’re all working from the same plan.

Consistent messaging across all your content

Consistency in messaging makes it more memorable. In other words, when your prospects find the same messages repeated throughout your content, those messages become ingrained in their minds. Or as Demchak likes to say, “Repetition builds reputation.”

On the flip side, if your messaging keeps changing – if you keep reinventing the wheel with each new piece of content you produce – no single message gets reinforced. Your prospects won’t remember any of them well. They may even become confused. And they’ll have difficulty passing your messages along to colleagues.

“For prospects to focus on your message, your message must be focused,” says Demchak. Your messaging must be consistent and persistent.

Faster content development

A Key Message Copy Platform puts at your writers’ disposal an ample supply of ready-made “content building blocks” they can use and re-use to quickly put together new promotional materials. They don’t have to create each new piece from scratch.

Plus, with a Key Message Copy Platform at their fingertips, writers are more confident. Since those building blocks are management-approved, writers know each piece they create is going to be on-target. When writers aren’t second-guessing themselves, they pull content together faster.

Lower stress

Always having that Key Message Copy Platform at your fingertips makes it easier to respond to unexpected marketing opportunities – i.e., last-minute projects and short deadlines – and to keep your messaging consistent with your other materials.

Having the right words and messages constantly at your disposal provides a safety net, which is very reassuring to both writers and managers.

Better marketing results

As mentioned, having ready-made, pre-approved messaging building blocks results in faster, smoother content development. This in turn, obviously, results in more content, and more effective content.

The combination of abundant, highly effective content with consistent, laser-focused messaging will inevitably result in more inquiries, more leads and more sales.

Take-Away Points

1. When you need new messaging, it’s best to have a plan – better yet, a platform – that your entire staff can work from: specifically, you want a Key Message Copy Platform (KMCP)

2. A KMCP serves as a repository for all key messages related to a product, service or company

3. A KMCP serves as a springboard for developing all your marketing content

4. A KMCP helps keep your messaging consistent and repeatable: Repetition builds reputation

5. Having a KMCP at everyone’s fingertips:

a. Facilitates faster development of more effective content

b. Lowers stress

c. Helps produce better marketing results.

Next Steps…

CopyEngineer is pleased to offer Key Message Copy Platforms as a new service. For more information, call CopyEngineer at (+39) 011 569 4951. Or drop me an email at

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